Think Storage – Kitchen Storage Solutions To Enhance Your Interior

Of course, everyone wants their new kitchen to have the visual wow factor. However, keeping your space organised and clutter-free is just as important in terms of aesthetics as it is in terms of practicality. As well as making sure your kitchen is a joy to use, incorporating some clever storage solutions into your design will ensure your kitchen continues to make the same breathtaking impact every day. As experienced designers, we spend a lot of time discussing the practicalities of your kitchen and can recommend a range of fantastic storage solutions to enhance your space. From impressive drawers with a 70kg capacity to beautiful larders that can be tailored to your lifestyle, we offer an extensive choice of elegant and innovative products. Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Space-Maximising Tall Cabinets

When it comes to incorporating plenty of highly functional storage into your kitchen, our full-height larder cupboards with pull-out drawers are ideal. They cleverly utilise every inch of space from floor to ceiling. Plus, the handy pull-out drawers allow you to reach the back of the unit with ease. Available in both modern and traditional styles, they offer to bring a beautifully elegant and streamlined finish to your interior.

Caledonia Kitchens Taransay Smooth Painted, Scorched Heather and Light Walnut
Caledonia Kitchens Taransay Smooth Painted, Scorched Heather and Light Walnut

Efficient & Accessible Drawers

Substituting base cupboards for spacious drawers is a remarkably simple way to revolutionise your kitchen. Enabling you to effortlessly access the very back of your cabinets, drawers are much more efficient than traditional cupboards. Gone are the days of wasting time rummaging for ingredients. With our 70kg capacity drawers, you can keep everything from pots and pans to crockery and cooking staples neatly organised and easy to reach. Accessorise with cutlery dividers, pan supports, , spice holders, foil dispensers, non-slip mats and lighting to create luxurious, practical storage.

Add An Island

If you’ve got room, why not consider introducing an island to your kitchen? From enhancing your layout to providing a vital additional surface for preparing food, islands offer many benefits. And with the option to incorporate drawers, cupboards, or alcove shelving, they can significantly increase your kitchen’s storage capacity. When it comes to storage, quality is just as important as quantity. Establishing an ergonomic layout, personalising your storage to suit your needs, and opting for accessible solutions are great ways to make the most of your space.

Now Kitchens Caledonia in-frame kitchen

Clever Corner Storage Solutions

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can never have too much storage. Thus, maximising every nook and cranny is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, corners are notoriously tricky to access. However, with our clever corner storage solutions, there’s nothing stopping you from utilising even the most awkward spaces. Our clever pull-out corner optimisers and carousels allow you to use your corner cabinets to store a wide range of items.

Now Kitchens Hatfield Inkwell Scots Grey

Spacious & Luxurious Pantry Cupboards

There’s something truly special about pulling open the doors of a beautifully crafted pantry to reveal rows of pristine oak shelves brimming with your favourite ingredients. Complete with your own custom selection of drawers, shelves, and spice racks, you’ll be amazed by how much you can neatly pack into the space. While our luxurious traditional oak-lined pantries make a charming addition to any kitchen, we also offer a range of sleek pocket door designs perfect for those seeking a more modern finish.

Now Kitchens Full traditional pantry

Sleek & Stylish Shelving

As we mentioned previously, storage can contribute to more than just the performance of your design. The stylish and streamlined floating shelves below undeniably elevate this pared-back contemporary Marazion kitchen. They add real character and warmth to the scheme. Shelving offers an excellent way to open your space and break up long runs of bulky overhead cabinetry without compromising too much on storage.

Lit ‘Slight-Lift’ Wall Cabinets

If the thought of keeping the contents of your cupboards on display doesn’t appeal, our lit lift-up wall cabinets could be perfect for you. Less obtrusive than traditional wall cabinets and featuring a clever lift-up mechanism with integrated lighting, these units combine style and functionality seamlessly.

Hacker Slight Lift Merkur-GL_Carrara_weiss_D3.2

Utilise Vertical Space

Another great way to maximise space in your kitchen is by thinking vertically. Freeing up precious drawer space while allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily, hanging your utensils can help keep your kitchen clutter-free and streamline mealtimes. Our German supplier has a range of high-quality accesories, from floating lit glass shelves, to rail hanging systms for all your utensils. There are lots of options when it comes to vertical storage. You can create a place for anything from kitchen rolls and washing-up supplies to ceramic collection or potted herbs!

Hacker German Kitchens vertical storage rails

A Beautiful Bespoke Dresser

Whether you have always envisaged a charming country-inspired kitchen or are looking for something modern and minimalistic, a bespoke dresser could be just what you need to elevate your interior. As a freestanding piece of furniture, dressers offer excellent design flexibility. They can be positioned pretty much anywhere, including your dining or living area, allowing you to gain valuable additional storage space. From sleek glazed designs to more traditional farmhouse styles, we can tailor your dresser to suit your home.

traditional glass dresser

Storage is a crucial element of your kitchen. However, as you can see, there’s much more to kitchen storage than just drawers and cupboards. There are plenty of clever solutions to help you maximise space and achieve a stylish and sophisticated interior. If you would like to discuss your ideas with our award-winning team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01326 565522 or email us at