Fitted Home Office
Spaces For Any Room

Increase your productivity and organise your workspace with a dedicated fitted home office space. Whether you need a dedicated home office for everyday use or an occasional multipurpose workspace in your bedroom, at Now, we have a solution to suit every style of home. Now's fitted home office furniture gives you the ability to maximise any space with purposeful built-in office furniture, suitable for any room.

Creating the Perfect Balance
with a Fitted Home Office

The ideal home office or dedicated homework space is all about striking the perfect balance between work and school life whilst at home. With remote work becoming the new norm for many professionals, the importance of a well-designed home office cannot be understated. A fitted home office not only enhances productivity but also provides the comfort needed for long hours of work and in today's fast-paced world, creating a productive work environment at home is essential.

A fitted home office allows you to customise your office space according to your needs, so you can optimise productivity and efficiency. With carefully designed storage solutions, ergonomic furniture, and smart organisation systems, you can eliminate clutter and create a space that promotes focus and creativity. Additionally, a fitted home office allows you to personalise your workspace, reflecting your unique style and personality. This not only boosts creativity but also promotes a sense of comfort and ownership. Whether you have a small corner dedicated to your work or a spacious room solely for your home office, investing in a fitted setup ensures that you make the most of your space. Why not pop into our showroom to see our customisable range of doors, drawer styles, textures and colours.

Our Top 3 Home Office Locations

With Now, you can effortlessly transform the most unexpected spaces in your home into stunning offices. From under-stairs cupboards to bedrooms, loft, and even kitchen offices, our top 3 office locations will seamlessly integrate your workspace into the heart of your home. At Now, our designs are meticulously crafted to ensure that every element of your office reflects elegance and sophistication. Say goodbye to dull and uninspiring workspaces with Now's fitted home office designs, and we promise you'll feel motivated and inspired every day.

Bedroom Office

bedroom fitted home office

Upgrade your bedroom and work from home in style with an innovative fitted bedroom home office. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and hello to a sleek, space-saving design that seamlessly integrates into your bedroom.

Under Stairs Office

Under Stairs fitted Home Office

Whether you need a dedicated workspace thats hidden away or you simply want to discretely organise your essentials, our fitted under-stairs home offices offer the perfect solution for when space is at a premium.

Living Office

multifunctional fitted home office space

Create a productive and stylish environment without sacrificing precious living space. Maximise every inch of space and take advantage of a versatile sanctuary where work meets relaxation effortlessly.

Key Considerations for
Your New Home Office

Desk Positioning

blue grey fitted home office

The desk is the most important feature of any home office, so making sure it's placed in the right spot can keep your productivity levels high. When choosing your desk position, avoid glare from the window, and be mindful that whilst facing the wall can help with concentration levels, having our back to the door can be uninspiring and stressful. The best desk placement, according to feng shui principles, is the "commanding position." Placing your back against the wall, you'll see anyone entering the office, meaning more control and minimal surprise.


living home office

Transform any space into a productive haven with a fitted home office- your all-in-one solution for work, rest, homework, and play. With a sleek and modern design, we can seamlessly blend your new dedicated workspace into your living environment whilst promoting focus and efficiency. Whether you're tackling deadlines, helping the kids with their homework, or unwinding with your favorite hobbies, our Multifunctional Office has got you covered.

Storage Options

fitted home office storage

The first thing to think about when creating an office at home is storage. What has to be stored and where is it going? When space is at a premium, a workstation that serves as both a workspace and a storage area is a wise choice. If a workstation facing the wall is your only choice, how about making a statement with an inspiring mood board or hanging a whiteboard with a calendar to remind you of key events and notes? Have you considered a concealed office for when space is at a premium? Read on about our concealed office spaces and the most ideal locations.

Smart Technology

fitted home office cabinets

Upgrade your fitted home office with the power of smart technology. Our range of innovative solutions includes flip top sockets, USB ports, and contactless charging points so you have everything you need at your fingertips. Experience increased efficiency and convenience as you effortlessly power up your devices and streamline your workspace. Embrace the future of office productivity with state-of-the-art smart technology.

Colour Choice

fitted home office furniture

If you're looking to improve concentration, stimulate your thought process and gain mental clarity throughout your working day, then a shade of blue could be the colour choice for you. According to colour psychology, certain colours can improve productivity and mental well-being so choosing the right colour should be an important consideration when styling your new fitted home office. Choose orange to encourage innovation and enthusiasm and green to promote feelings of well being and relaxation in workspaces that require high levels of concentration.

Concealed Offices

Under Stairs fitted Home Office

Consider hidden systems for invisible door alternatives, pocket doors for those who want to hide their desk, and under-stair offices for situations when space is at a premium. Our concealed door solutions don't jut out into the area as a conventional hinged door would, so there isn't any wasted space. Under-stair offices make use of space that would not otherwise be used and provide a solution for individuals with limited room.

Begin Your Design Journey Now

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