Design a Functional and Stylish Boot Room

The perfect boot room is all about first impressions. It's the first room your guests see when they enter your home, and the last room they walk through to collect their coats at the end of the evening. With this in mind, your new boot room needs to be stunning in design, warming and inviting for your guests. It also needs to be practical to ensure your room is fully functional and fit for purpose. Below, we walk you through all the points you need to consider when designing your room, along with how our expert designers can help transform your living space with clever design.

Why is a boot room important?

Here at Now, we are all in favour of functional luxury and helping you find the best solutions for your home. Having a boot room offers a multitude of benefits and we're not just talking storage. As expert designers in kitchen, living and bedrooms, we realise the importance of having that extra space at the entrance to your home. More than just a place to store muddy boots, dog leads, coats and hats, boot rooms offer unparalleled benefits for transforming your home. From adding a touch of elegance and wowing your guests, to enhancing organisation to avoid the clutter in other rooms in your home, a boot room really is a game-changer for homeowners. Whether you have a large country house or a Cornish coastal retreat, a boot room is an investment that pays off in spades. Unlock its many benefits and discover the transformative power it holds for your living space.

Bespoke furniture boot room and bootility ideas

The benefits of a boot room

Whilst traditionally associated with large country estates, boot rooms are now recognised by many for the value they add to the home. Not only is the boot room now recognised as the dedicated space in your home for storing outdoor essentials, but it's also the room that delivers that wow factor, before your guests enter your kitchen and living room.

Helping to keep your hallway clutter-free, it's the perfect place to store muddy boots, coats and hats, not to mention dog leads and towels after that all-important family day out at the beach. Having a boot room in Cornwall has never been more popular and while it continues to provide a convenient and organised solution for keeping your home clean and tidy, we expect this trend to continue.

Essential Boot Room Features
for a Functional Space

Boot room cupboards

Boot Room Storage

Having enough storage space is essential for shoes, coats, hats and bags, and if you're a pet-loving household, then cabinet space or shelving can be useful for storing pet blankets, towels and throws. Utilise vertical space by installing shelves or cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling, and if room doesn't allow, factor in some under-seat storage.

Bespoke furniture boot room and bootility ideas

Lighting Solutions

Your boot room should be a warm, inviting space that offers comfort and practicality, so ensuring your room is well-lit will help create a welcoming atmosphere for all. Consider using a combination of natural and artificial lighting to create warmth whilst supporting functionality. Pendant lighting and wall lights are a favourite for many and are in keeping with the traditional shaker-inspired design.

Boot room design cornwall

Seating Design

Make sure you factor in a designated seating area where your family and friends can take off and put on their shoes. Boot room seating ideas include a bench that you can decorate with cushions, a window seat that could become a feature, or even a built-in seating area with hidden storage. Looking to personliase? Try some bench cushions for a colour-coordinated look.

boot room cornwall

Boot Room Hanging Space

If you want designated storage space for those all-important coats, bags and dog leads, then creating an area featuring hooks and hanging space is a must-have for your new boot room. Create visual impact by installing hooks and hangers at different heights, and take into account the different clothing items you may need to hang, including pet leads, pet coats, country hats and scarves.

Boot room tray

Boot and Shoe Tray

Placing a boot tray or mat near the entrance of the boot room to catch any dirt, sand or moisture is a boot room necessity when it comes to sandy shoes and muddy boots. Along with keeping your boot room free from sandy shoes, dog coats and muddy boots, it will help keep your new boot room organised and shiny and the rest of your home clean and tidy.

Boot room decor

Boot Room Decor

When looking to decorate and furnish your new boot room, consider practicality and versatility in addition to style. Try using a mellamine surface or washable paint to enable the removal of muddy marks, an easy to clean splashback if you have a sink area and if you have soft furnishings, choose washable cushion covers, ideally in moisture-resistant fabric. Check out our boot room decor article for more design tips.

Where Should my Boot Room Go?

If you-re looking to convert an existing living space into a boot room then this will require some careful planning and consideration. Along with determining the existing rooms most benefical purpose, you may also want to assess the available space as this will dictate the rooms design. A boot room can be a separate room if you have the space, however it can also be part of your kitchen, utility room or even your hallway.

Creating a boot room is all about creating that beautifully organised living space, and that warm welcome into your home. So whether you have a small corner, a hallway, or an entire room to work with, there are various boot room design ideas to maximise the functionality of the space.


Why not have a read through the article and explore some of the best boot room ideas. It may just give you the  inspiration needed to create your new boot room and maximise your existing living space.

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