Bespoke Media Wall

Create the ultimate family entertainment space with a bespoke media wall and built in tv unit. Maximise every inch of space and make a statement with your own bespoke design. Made up of your very own choice of doors, drawers and wall panel designs, your wall can even feature the latest integrated technology. Say goodbye to unsightly cables and trip hazards with an attractive and unique built in tv unit that gives your guests something to talk about.

What is a Media Wall?

The primary purpose of a media wall is to house your television, speakers and gaming consoles in a centralised  organised unit. Known for being the latest trendy feature piece for your living entertainment space, a media wall is perfect for those in favour of functional luxury. One of the most important advantages of a media wall is their ability to hide all wiring within the wall. This clever design results in a sleek and contemporary living space, where your cables and wiring can be perfectly housed. Adding a media wall is a great way to add character to a modern home, which often don’t have period features such as a chimney breast or an open fire. Some homeowners integrate storage within the media wall or either side of the wall with the addition of built-in shelving and cupboards for a stylish display.

media wall integrated shelving living room

How do I Style
My Media Wall?

If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your media wall installation, then speak to our award-winning designers about integrated storage and shelving. Design choices now extend far beyond floating slatted wood designs and framed TV surrounds, with many new designs featuring integrated shelving and storage options. In a dining area, include bespoke coloured cabinets in your design to match your exisiting decor and colour scheme. Add charm by utilising a difference in texture such as natural wood cabinets or a reed design or create a classy storage area that contrasts with your central built in TV unit.

Practical and Stylish
Media Wall Ideas

A built-in media wall requires careful planning and consideration but with the right expertise and design ideas, it's possible in any room. Along with determining the purpose and requirements of the existing room, it's important to assess the available space as this will dictate the media wall design.

Incorporating a media wall into your rooms design is always possible with a little bit of design planning and creativity. It's all about creating that beautifully organised entertainment space, that's purposeful and charming in design. Whether you have a small bedroom, a dining area, or an entire cinema room to work with, there are various media wall design ideas that will help you maximise the functionality of the space.

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TV Media wall sideboard

Media Wall Furniture

Elevate the look and comfort of your media wall with bespoke integrated and free-standing furniture. Designed in your choice of colours and tailored to your rooms specifications, our bespoke media wall furniture promises to elevate any media wall design. Add spacious compartments, doors or drawers and colour coordinate with Now's colour match service.

Media wall

Open Shelving

For those wishing to showcase personal items in a smaller living space, a media wall with open shelving could be the way forward. Unsightly cables and media equipment can be hidden away in closed storage areas whilst books, plants and personal objects around the TV can be displayed on opening shelving. When the TV is not in use, shelving and displayed wares become your walls focal point.

media wall slatted wood kitchen design, living space design

Slatted Wood Media wall

Wooden slatted media walls are transforming interiors and as the world of design continues to evolve, the allure of wood slat walls persist as a timeless trend. Along with being aesthetically pleasing and helping to create a feature wall, a slatted wooden media wall can add texture to a dull space and reduce sound reverberation in noisy areas of your home.

Integrated Shelving Wall

Media Wall Room Divider

Media wall room dividers are a great way of physically dividing a large space whilst still allowing plenty of light in the room. Along with adding a great focal point and a solution for housing your TV and media equipment, a media wall divider offers lots of versatility. Use a media wall divider to change up the layout of a room, provide extra privacy, maximize storage space, or just create a change of scenery.

Storage Media Wall

Floor to Ceiling Storage

Maximise every inch of your living and media space with integrated TV storage units. Helping to house books, movies, electronic devices, and media equipment, integrated media wall storage is a great way of adding style and personality to a newly organised space. Tailored to the design and specifications of your room, this is great for floor to ceiling storage solutions.

Media Wall wood design

Floating Media Walls

A floating media wall and bespoke designed storage unit can create a unique focal point in any living room or entertainment space. Whether it's designed with a large floating shelf or cupboard or featured around beautiful acoustic panelling, the possibilities with floating media walls are endless. Perfect for living, dining and bedrooms, a floating media wall will create a seamless look in any home.

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Revolutionise your home's design with a utility room that maximizes space and functionality. By incorporating this versatile space into your living environment, you'll discover a multitude of benefits that will transform the way you live. Find out how we can help keep your home clutter-free with a utility room.

Fitted Home Office

Increase your productivity and organise your workspace with a dedicated fitted home office space. Whether you need a dedicated home office for everyday use or an occasional multipurpose workspace in your bedroom, at Now, we have a solution to suit every style of home. Talk to our designers for more details.

Larder and Pantries

A natural extension of the kitchen and perfect for the organisational enthusiast and keen cook, a walk-in pantry or larder is perfect for freeing up your kitchen as an entertainment space. Our idea of an organisational haven, a walk-in pantry or larder is now a much-welcomed addition to the home and for good reason.

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