Handleless Kitchens - the pinnacle of modern luxury

If you appreciate elegance, sophistication and a modern touch, then a handleless kitchen may be the perfect choice for you. Defined by sleek, minimalistic cabinetry and clean lines, the handleless kitchen is capable of transforming any ordinary kitchen into a truly remarkable space. Combining flawless, pared-back looks and cutting-edge design innovation, our bespoke handleless kitchens represent the pinnacle of modern luxury. We have a number of handleless kitchens on display in our two-storey showroom, so why not book a showroom visit and we can talk you through the world of handleless kitchens.

Handleless kitchens - A sophisticated luxury

At Now, we understand the importance of creating a kitchen that's as unique as you are, a kitchen that reflects your personal style and exudes a sense of luxury. The ultimate in breathtaking modern style and outstanding functionality, our handleless kitchens are perfect for anyone looking to create a sleek and sophisticated focal point to their home. Unlike our other collections, traditional pull handles are replaced by a hidden rail or push-to-open mechanism, establishing a bold, uncluttered look. Combining a choice of exquisite finishes with minimal, streamlined cabinetry, they offer amazing potential for maximising space and creating a chic, unobtrusive backdrop to open-plan living. With a selection of customisable, cutting-edge storage solutions and practical features to choose from, they undeniably add a touch of sophistication and are every bit as efficient to use as their stunning looks suggest.

Why Choose a handleless kitchen?

Stepping into the world of handleless kitchens is all about sleek elegance and effortless style. As the name suggests, a handleless kitchen is all about embracing minimalism, but this is more than just a design choice; it's a lifestyle statement. With clean lines and clutter-free surfaces, these kitchens unlock the true beauty of simplicity. Imagine a space where simplicity meets functionality, where every element has a purpose. A handleless kitchen offers just that and by eliminating handles and opting for integrated mechanisms, these kitchens create a seamless and uninterrupted aesthetic that is both visually pleasing and highly functional. But minimalism doesn't mean compromising on style or practicality. With a wide range of materials, finishes, and colors available, you can personalise your handleless kitchen to suit your unique taste. Whether you prefer a modern and minimalistic look or a warm and inviting atmosphere, a handleless kitchen allows you to create the perfect balance.



Push to Open Handleless Kitchen

Now Kitchens Hacker german kitchen gloss white

Discover the elegance and efficiency of push-to-open handleless kitchen doors. With their sleek and streamlined design, these doors offer a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that instantly transforms any kitchen space. The advantages of push-to-open handleless kitchen doors go beyond their stunning appearance thanks to a small sprung mechanism fitted behind the door, which enables the door to pop open when pushed in the right place. A practical solution to the home baker, this feature enhances functionality and simplifies daily tasks. Along with creating a more streamlined look, it makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze!! Ask the design team about the premium servo-drive push to open option.

True Handleless Kitchen

reeded wood kitchen doors

Open up a whole new world of design possibilities with a true handleless kitchen. Contributing to their minimalistic aesthetic, the true handleless design means seamless, flowing lines that cannot be created with traditional J-Pull handleless kitchen doors. Thanks to their clean, clutter-free aesthetics, the handleless door allows you to mix and match colours and textures with ease. Exclusive to handleless kitchens, discover design elements such as wrap-around end panels and vertical handle profiles, all bursting with modern flavour.  True handleless kitchens can therefore be considered the most durable option thanks to their complex, precise and high-quality design. 

German Kitchens Hacker AV7030 Stone fronts

Experience True Handleless Kitchens in our showroom

If you haven’t experienced using a handleless kitchen before, you can do so at our wonderful kitchen showroom in Cornwall. Our fantastic two-storey kitchen showroom features a range of stylish handleless kitchen displays, beautiful door and worktop samples, elegant accessories, and innovative appliances. It’s the ideal place to appreciate the quality of our interiors and find inspiration for your next project. Get in touch to book a showroom appointment where you'll be able to browse our inspirational range of kitchens and living furniture.

Clive, Camborne

'I can’t thank Jono enough for everything from designing the kitchen to organising the fitting and a perfect after-sales service. From start to finish everything has gone smoothly and I now have a beautiful kitchen. The fitters, Jason and Dean (not forgetting Martin the electrician) were outstanding! Very friendly, efficient, clean and considerate. I cannot recommend Now Kitchens highly enough.'

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