White Shaker Kitchen


White Shaker Kitchen in Coverack

Now Kitchens Blue & white Shaker Kitchen

This blue and white shaker kitchen was once a blank canvas, featuring an awkward gabled ceiling and high windows creating some complex challenges. The clients wanted a design that was unique to their property and their lifestyles, so we ensured that the new design included plenty of design features that would be suited to their unique requirements. The blue and white shaker kitchen was a wonderful fit for their unique property and being shaker style, was very much suited to their room and layout. Within the space we had to work with, we had room for a large dining table to take advantage of the stunning sea views and an area for an office or breakfast bar.

The island was designed as a stunning centrepiece to add character to their kitchen space. It also enabled our clients to carry out all their kitchen prep work, whilst being able to conversate with guests and enjoy their stunning views. We were so pleased to take this project from a space that once had potential, to a beautiful blue and white shaker kitchen that was highly practical and stunning in design. With numerous internal hidden drawers and an oak crate drawer for unique design styling, the clients were able to make use of more storage and feature some of their kitchen and glassware as part of the design. An oak rail behind the hob paved the way for up-and-down LED strip lighting and further lighting was installed in the dresser and above the island plinth to add to the rooms ambience.

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White Shaker Kitchen Overview

Key Features of the
White Shaker Kitchen

Euro-height cupboards resolve the problematic low ceiling.

Practical breakfast bar that doubles as a workstation.

Carefully considered feature lighting.

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Richard, Coverack

“Our designer listened carefully to our thoughts and desires, and fully acquainted himself with the room and the ambience. He created a highly innovative fusion that is a welcoming, inviting and comfortable living space, seamlessly incorporating the fantastically functional kitchen.

Despite leaving all other suppliers in the dust in design, innovation, attentiveness and realization, their quotation was well in touch – real value for money.

The recommended fitters were skilled and diligent, flexible & cooperative, polite & friendly. Congratulations to Jono Peck and Now Kitchens. You have our full and unreserved acclaim and praise.”

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