Specialists of Living Spaces & Kitchens In Truro

From luxurious traditional kitchens to cutting-edge modern living solutions, our carefully selected collection represents the very best of British and German design and manufacturing. Visit the project gallery to see a collection of living space designs and kitchens in Truro. Needing further inspiration? Why not download the latest kitchen, living and bedroom brochure by clicking the link below.

Specialists of Living Designs and Kitchens in Truro

As the bustling and vibrant hub of modern life, your kitchen and living space is one of the most important aspects of your home. Therefore, when looking at renovating, or remodelling, it’s vital that every element of your design and installation is just right. However, balancing practicality and aesthetics in a way that works for you is no mean feat. It requires patience, skill, and unwavering attention to detail. Here at Now, we’ve been helping clients acheive their dream living spaces and kitchens in Truro, since 2008. As kitchen design and fitted furniture specialists, we pride ourselves on our design expertise and outstanding service. We are dedicated to ensuring all our clients achieve a beautiful kitchen and living space that not only stands the test of time but exceeds expectations.

Fitted Furniture & Kitchens In Truro

Whether you’re looking for a minimal contemporary living furniture design to capitalise on a coastal view or a charming traditional kitchen to complement your countryside cottage, we can help. Our experienced designers will take the time to discuss your vision in detail. They’ll work closely with you to tailor your space to your unique requirements, guiding you through our extensive collection of elegant, modern and traditional styles and wonderful finishing touches. If you're looking for the ultimate inspiration for your next kitchen, living or bedroom design project, why not visit the project gallery via the link below.

Caledonia Kitchens Taransay Smooth Painted, Scorched Heather and Light Walnut

A Complete Design and Installation Service in Truro

 As a local independent team of kitchen and living design specialists in Truro, we’re committed to supporting our clients from design through to completion. We genuinely care about ensuring we work with you to design a bespoke kitchen or living space that perfectly complements your home. What's more we want to ensure our customers have the best experience doing so. Our comprehensive service offers as much guidance and hands-on support as you need to bring your vision to life. From removing your current kitchen, living space or utility room to applying that final lick of paint, we can oversee each stage of your project, making sure only the highest standards are maintained. At Now, we have built a great reputation for award-winning living spaces and kitchens in Truro, so it's in our interest to ensure we live up to that and always put you, our client first.

A solution for every kitchen and living space in Truro

Kitchen renovations

Updating your kitchen is an exciting opportunity to elevate both the look and functionality of the heart of your home. However, finding the best way to maximise your space and putting your plans into action isn’t always easy. That’s where our expert team come in!

After dedicating over 15 years to helping clients in Truro and throughout Cornwall transform their homes, we have plenty of experience working on a range of projects, including living spaces and fitted bedroom designs. Ask the design team for more details or follow the link to learn more.

Did you know we can colour-match bespoke fitted or freestanding furniture to match the design of your kitchen or bedroom? Whether it's a tv media unit, fitted furniture or bespoke storage solutions, we have a bespoke furniture solution to suit every style of home.

in-frame Kitchens Talmine Painted, Summer Sky and Cloudy Dawn

Bespoke Kitchen Designs Truro

We appreciate that everyone’s home and tastes are different and that's why every living space and kitchen design in Truro has been so different. Our versatile collection of styles from both British and German manufacturers ensures that we are able to work to our customer's specific requirements. Our range includes a wonderful selection of handleless, contemporary, shaker, and in-frame designs alongside an extensive choice of luxurious furniture, finishes, worktops, and accessories. We source every product with elegance, practicality, and quality in mind and as your personal design team, we're happy to help you design the impossible. Please click below to explore our range…

in-frame Kitchens Talmine Painted, Summer Sky and Cloudy Dawn

Visit Our Kitchen Showroom Near Truro

Our lovely showroom is about 30 minutes from Truro in Helston. In the heart of the Cornish countryside, it's the ideal place to learn more about our wonderful kitchen, living and bedroom collection. Set over two storeys, our spacious studio showcases a variety of kitchen styles, storage options, worktops, appliances, furniture and accessories. We’ve taken great care to ensure our displays offer something for every specification and budget. Experiencing this fantastic quality in person is an excellent way to discover inspiration and take a step closer to finding your dream kitchen or living space design.

Now Kitchens Hatfield Inkwell with Scots Grey
Now Kitchens Hatfield Inkwell with Scots Grey

A tailored design for an award worthy kitchen in Truro

From beautiful bespoke display shelves to chic and sophisticated handles, creating a truly exceptional kitchen or living space is all about attention to detail. Our talented designers will help you put the perfect finishing touches on your award-worthy space, ensuring your kitchen or living space is picture-perfect. They’ll ensure every element complements your lifestyle while enhancing the look and feel of your new living or kitchen design.

Take The First Step

If you would like to discuss how we could support you in bringing your perfect home in Truro to life, we would love to hear from you. Please click the button below to arrange a consultation with a member of our experienced team.