Industrial style German kitchen, The Lizard

Now Kitchens Hacker German Kitchen Graphite Satin Lacquer

Industrial Style German Kitchen

The Lizard Village

Now Kitchens Hacker German Kitchen Graphite Satin Lacquer

Modern Kitchen in a traditional home

This contemporary kitchen both juxtaposed and accentuated the very utilitarian elements of the space - exposed red brick walls dotted with dove holes; an imposing vaulted timber frame; and old steels that protruded dramatically from the structure of the old barn. A sultry colour palette and broad range of materials (wood, metal, iron-look worktop) provides interest, whilst being highly practical and easy to maintain. We chose suppliers that have excellent eco credentials, reflecting our clients’ demand for sustainability in their own lifestyle.

As well as being the heart of the home for all things culinary, a breakfast bar serves as a welcoming seating area for the family and visitors. The open design allows natural light to bathe the space and provide a natural flow through to the adjoining areas of the house.

Hacker German Kitchens AV6000 graphite


Hacker German Kitchens AV6000 pearl grey

Pearl Grey

Hacker German Kitchens vintage oak

Cognac Vintage Oak

Hacker German Kitchens light summer oak

Light Summer Oak

Dekton trilium worktop

Dekton 'Trilium'

Key Features

Eclectic mix of textures, colours and materials to complement the unique features of the building.

Hardwearing, scratch and heat resistant Dekton worktops are also an environmentally aware choice due to their carbon neutral rating.

Extensive lighting scheme allows the mood to be set appropriately, whether for social ambience or stronger lighting for functional daily use.

Now Kitchens Hacker German Kitchen Graphite Satin Lacquer

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